*These are homemade in our outdoor kitchen and DO NOT meet FDA GMPs (‘good manufacturing processes’) and are therefore NO LONGER FOR SALE AS OF May 2010. Sorry. What follows is history (except for my neighborhood):

All of the single herb tinctures have been made at Mountain Gardens. Most are prepared from freshly harvested herbs organically grown at Mountain Gardens (OG) or sustainably harvested from naturally occurring populations in our area (WC =wildcrafted). A few are prepared from the best quality commercially available dried herbs.

We use standard methods, proportions, and percentage of ethyl alcohol, generally following Michael Moore’s Materia Medica for herbs there listed.  Our tinctures are prepared in very small batches (pint – half gallon), which allows us to offer the freshest tinctures available (but also means that we often run out before the next harvest).

The idea here is that you can compound your own formula from the available tinctures (see self-help health center).