Mountain Gardens offers seeds, plants, fresh and dried herb material, and tinctures of several hundred species of useful plants, all produced or harvested in small batches. Items are thus constantly going in and out of stock, and some are produced only on demand.

To order or inquire, send an email to joehollisherbs@gmail.com (or call 828 675 5664), listing the items you want and quantities, and I will reply indicating availability, shipping (if applicable) and US$ total.

For bare root requests, please write to mgbareroots@gmail.com

For seed requests, please write to seeds.mg@gmail.com


Tinctures (single herb & formula):
one ounce bottle: $10
two ounce bottle: $15
plus postage

Seeds: $3.00 to $5.00 per packet (larger quantities of some may be available; please inquire regarding availability and price) Packets contain min. 25 seeds (there are a few exceptions), often many more.

Fresh and Dried Herbs: please inquire regarding availability and price

Plants: Please inquire regarding sizes available and price. We are not really set up to ship potted plants, and prefer to ship bareroot whenever possible (this is also much cheaper).


Once you hear back from us with the list of what is available and the total price (including shipping), you can mail me a check (made out to Joe Hollis) or use Paypal: Go to the PayPal website, www.paypal.com Follow the directions there (my account is Mountain Gardens, and my email address is joehollisherbs@gmail.com), and you will receive a verification email from them when you finish. If using Paypal, please add 5% (their share).