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Intro to Chinese Herb List

This is a list of Chinese medicinal herbs growing at Mountain Gardens, my first attempt in several years to produce such a list. Since the collection is dispersed throughout the garden, it is not possible to simply take an inventory. The method I have settled on is to work through the contents of a number of Chinese Materia Medicas, herb by herb, adding to the list those species which I believe to be present (they come and go…) So far (Nov.98), I have gotten through only one: Bensky & Gamble’s Chinese Materia Medica (ref. 1), so the list includes only those species specifically cited there (perhaps only half of the species at Mtn. Gdns. which have been used in Chinese medicine). Five or six more texts will be scanned to compile the complete list.

The ‘garden status’ column is a mental inventory of what I think is out there; cont=container, est=established, inv=invasive.

The ‘for sale’ column lists, in lower case, propagating material available – seed, plants, rooted cuttings,etc; and, in upper case, harvested material available: T= tincture, prepared from fresh or recent dried herb organically grown at Mtn. Gdns, HB= dried herb (may be root, leaf, flowering stalks,etc. – the part used in TCM).

I hope to have much more available, both propagating and harvested material, in coming years, including dormant roots and freshly harvested herbs. Inquiries and want lists are invited.

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