Mountain Gardens Library

A world of books amid a world of green,
Sweet song without, sweet song again within…

R. Le Galliene


Paradise Gardening, our philosophy (an essay)
Mountain Gardens Pharmacy, our on-site health center
Directions & Map to Mountain Gardens
Interactive Map of Mountain Gardens

Chinese Herbs

Guide, notes on Chinese Materia Medica for U.S. growers
Intro to Chinese Herb List
List of herbs growing at Mountain Gardens
Easiest Chinese herbs to grow (including those weedy/invasive)

Medicinal Herbs

Collecting, preservation and conservation
Growing, general information on growing medicinal herbs
Habitat and Uses, for popular herbs
120 easy growing herbs description, propagation, cultivation and uses

Miscellaneous Plants

Specialties, a dozen or so of our very favorites, including a few exclusives
New Food Crops, some native wildfoods and oriental perennial vegetables we are working with.
Sansai On Beyond Ramps: towards an American sansai

Full Plant Database