2017 Events and Workshops

Our new calendar of events and workshops is up on the Workshops page of the website.

New for this year are the workshops Making a Woodland Garden of Useful Plants and Using Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine.

The first workshop of the year will be on April 23rd, Spring Wild Foods and Sansai.  We’ll be observing, discussing and tasting seasonal wild foods, both native and oriental.





Our wasabi seed is finally ready to ship.  A packet of fifty seeds is $10 to USA address, $18 for international shipment.  One gram (200+ seeds $35, 5-10 grams @$25/gram, 10+ grams @$20/gram.  You can send payment via Paypal to this email address (joehollisherbs@gmail.com), or mail a check, made out to ‘Joe Hollis’ to 546 Shuford Cr Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714.

The seed is best planted immediately in moist soil and will germinate next spring.  The seed must not get completely dry, and requires a period of cold to germinate.  For more details on germination and cultivation seehttp://cru.cahe.wsu.edu/CEPublications/pnw0605/pnw0605.pdf

Please note: this is seed grown wasabi, not one of the named cultivars (E.g. daruma) which must be propagated by division or tissue culture.

WASABI WORKSHOP, on all aspects of site selection and preparation, propagating, growing and harvesting, at Mountain Gardens Sat. July 2, 1:30-5:00 cost $30. Plants and seeds will be available for sale at the workshop.

We anticipate having a limited number of 2 year old plants available for shipping starting in July if they don’t sell out during the workshop.

Flying around the garden in Winter

In the still of winter, our neighbor Matt Tibbets came by to shoot an aerial video of the garden, while there was a lot of visibility.  Check it out, along with some other new videos on our You Tube channel:

Aesthetics at Mountain Gardens

I am trying to make a Paradise Garden, a garden which fulfills all my (our) needs, and so it should go without saying that it must be a beautiful garden, indeed the most beautiful (to me) garden in the world. I have a ‘need’ to live in a beautiful environment – I think we all do. The contents of my garden are ‘useful plants’ for food, medicine, etc.; but these can be arranged so as to compose an inspiring environment or a boring, utilitarian one. Inspiring (latin) = enthusiasm (greek), both referring to ‘the god within’. I want, we all want, to step out the door into an environment which lifts us out of our petty concerns and reminds us that we are a part of the huge, beautiful world. The garden (meaning, basically, your entire property) should be the place you’d rather be than anywhere else. And this is entirely possible. It’s what our hunter/gatherer ancestors had; they lived in awe of, and thanksgiving for, their environment; they ‘walked in beauty’. Can we get it back?

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